4 of the best feature phones for under USD 100

When all you need is calling, texting and some of the basic functions of a phone, feature phones are born for you. Since you will have lots of options, this best feature phones list will help you choose the one you need. Let’s go!


1. Lava A11: the most suitable to be on budget

Lava A11 is the first phone on our list because it’s an on-budget phone. It is a combination of specs in one cheap phone. The Lava A11 battery is quite huge since it’s a Li-ion 1000 battery. Since feature phones do not require much battery and re-charge, it will last for days. Also, this device is a dual-sim phone. Therefore you can use 2 two numbers at the same time. You don’t have to throw away your own number when you want to buy a new phone.

The model of Lava A11 actually is really nice. It’s a flip design with a platinum colour cover. This metallic cover makes the appearance quite expensive. If people don’t know the price, they may think that you may have spent lots of money on it. The display is 2,8 inches with quite good resolution. Lava A11 also sports a 2MP camera. The best thing about this phone is the price. With only 2657 Rs (around 39,8 USD), you can buy it in any store.

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2. BlackBerry Bold 9700: mini computer

Even though BlackBerry brand is a grandpa in phones business, it doesn’t mean that BlackBerry phones out of fashion. On the contrary, it works so well and lasts much longer than other phones in the market. Take Blackberry Bold 9700 for example. It’s a combination between a mini computer and a phone. It has 1500 mAh battery under the hood. Its main camera is 3,15 MP and the display is 2,44 inches. It also sports a 0,5GB storage which can be expanded to 16GB. The price is just 2,999RS (around 45 USD).


3. Nokia Asha 500: still alive

After Microsoft bought Nokia a few years ago, people thought that Nokia was dead. Actually, they still keep on manufacturing their old products. Nokia Asha 500 is one of those. It packs a Li-Ion1200 mAh battery. Running on Nokia Asha platform OS, the device works so well with its 0,5 RAM. The internal 32GB storage is huge for a feature phone. Besides, Asha camera is a feature standard 2MP cam. The price 2730Rs (about 51USD) is cheap for this device.

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4. Alcatel 2012: defined quality

Alcatel 2012 can be considered as one of the best feature phones out there. It shares lots of features common with Lava A11. Firstly, it’s a flip and dual sim phone. Secondly, the device has a 2,8-inch screen and a metallic look.  It also comes with many colors for you to choose from. The operation is quite good. The internal storage is about 8GB which can be extended to 8GB. The Li-Ion750 mAh battery is good enough. With these functions and the reasonable price at RS. 3499 (about USD52), there’s no need to think twice before buying this great phone.


Best 4 feature phones with price under 100USD

Smartphones may rule the market right now but there’s no way they can wipe out all the feature phones. Since feature phones are so simple and not pricey. Plus, feature phones don’t use much battery and have small size designs. We expect that you will know which feature phone under $100 is for you.