5 reasons why you should choose a smartphone camera instead of a digital camera

Digital camera has been losing its popularity since there are more and more smartphones that feature great camera! Let’s see our 5 reasons why smartphone cameras are preferable!

smartphone camera (2)

Smartphone camera: ALL IN ONE!

Firstly, people prefer an all-in-one device! With a digital camera, we can only capture and store photos, nothing else! But with a smartphone camera, we can enjoy countless functions including calling, texting, email, internet browsing, playing games, flashlight, listening to music, watching videos, etc. So obviously it’s much more convenient to have only one device that can conducts different tasks!

Secondly, with a smartphone camera, we can take and upload photos right away! Have you ever been tired of copying photos from your digital camera to your laptop in order to upload them? That won’t happen if you use a smartphone that connects to the internet! After taking photos, you can choose your favorite ones to post them to your Facebook or Instagram.

smartphone camera

Thirdly, you can edit your photos on the spot. There are tons of photo editing apps available for you to choose, such as VSCO, Afterlight, Camera 360, Photoshop Express,… With those apps, you can create stunning photos without a laptop. Moreover, smartphone cameras nowadays are equipped with great technologies. Many of them even offer higher resolution and better lens than digital cameras.

Smartphone Camera: Worth the money

Last but not least, smartphone cameras are worth the money! I know digital cameras are worth the money too. But I would rather pay more money to buy a smartphone with great camera instead of a digital camera only. Because in that case, I can do tons of things with the smartphone, as mentioned above! Moreover, there are more and more budget smartphones that come with powerful cameras! For example: Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro, Honor 5C, OnePlus 3, Asus Zenfone Selfie, and so on!