Apple iPhone 6s VS Galaxy Note 7 speed test: dual core to beat quad core?

Both iPhone 6s and Galaxy Note 7 are among the fastest smartphones at present. But which could be the winner when putting under a comparison. Let’s have a look at Apple iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Note 7 speed test

Apple iPhone 6s vs Galaxy Note 7

Apple iPhone 6s vs Galaxy Note 7: Which is the faster phone?

First, let’s see how strong they are. To be the latest Apple device, iPhone 6s owns dual-core processor, which is supported by 2GB RAM and runs iOS 9.0. Meanwhile, Galaxy Note 7 brings a powerful processor, with SND 820 processor, Octa-core CPU, and 4GB RAM. So, you can see that the Galaxy Note 7 specs are more favorable than iPhone 6s. However, can Dual-core beat Octa-core in term of performance speed?. As the test from Phonebuff, both phones put in the test of opening Asphalt, Angry birth, and the camera.

The test will make you surprised. The Samsung phone begin the test and it takes 2 minutes and 5 seconds to open all applications. On the other hands, Apple iPhone 6s need just 1 minutes plus 51 seconds to complete that test.  Wow! With dual-core and 2GB RAM, Apple iPhone 6s makes a surprise when winning Galaxy Note 7, with more powerful processor.

Apple iPhone 6s vs Galaxy Note 7

Why can Apple iPhone 6s do the fabulous thing when beating Samsung Galaxy Note 7? One of the reason, Apple has the nice combination of 2BG RAM, dual-core, and iOS. 9.0. They are not the top feature but when they combine with the other, Apple iPhone 6 present an amazing speed. Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a strong asset, but the hardware and software of this phone can’t combine together perfectly.

Apple iPhone 6s vs Galaxy Note 7: Price comparison

Talking about Apple iPhone 6s VS Galaxy Note 7 prices, the iPhone 6s costs $857 (Rs. 57,599) for a 32GB version. Meanwhile, with the same internal storage, Galaxy Note 7 price is $892 (Rs. %9.900). So, the Apple iPhone 6s continues being the winner in the price battle, with a cheaper price. In the end, Apple is still the strongest rival of Samsung.