Apple vs Oppo: Apple defeated by Oppo in India

Everybody seems to only pay attention to the battle between Apple and Samsung but don’t know that the battle of Apple vs Oppo is also very tough! According to latest reports, Oppo has surpassed Apple in terms of sale value in India!

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Apple vs Oppo: The battle in India

India – the second most populous country in the world – is one of the most profitable and appealing market for smartphone manufacturers. Oppo and Apple are of course no exceptions. August was quite a successful month for these two brands as both of them get high proportions of Indian sales value. An interesting fact here is that Apple lagged behind the brand which is sometimes called Apple’s clone.

Based on the research from Gfk data, in August, Oppo owned 8% of the total market share value in India, making it the second most powerful phone brand in this country. Meanwhile, Apple landed at no.3 with only 6.3%. Lyf is at the forth position with 6.1% of Indian sales value and Micromax is right behind with 5.4%. So what brand stayed at the top? It’s Samsung with 46.9%, but that’s another story.

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Back to the Apple vs Oppo battle, according to another market research company – Counterpoint Research, Oppo arrived at the third position with 7%. At the same time, Apple landed at… no.6 with only 5.6%. At the second position was Lenovo + Motorola (8.5%). The fourth place belonged to Xiaomi (6.8%) and of course, Samsung was on top of the Indian smartphone market, once again.

Apple vs Oppo: New rivalry

The rivalry between Apple vs Oppo has become more and more obvious since many of Oppo smartphones have similar design to iPhone. From the statistics above, Oppo has gained more advantages. However, it was the result of August, when Apple had not released the iPhone 7/ 7 Plus. So let’s wait for the September updates to see if Apple could turn the tables!