Being taken away iPhone, a 12 year-old girl tried to poison her mom twice

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. — On last Friday, A 12-year-old girl was denounced of attempting to poison her mom twice after the woman took away her iPhone.

On Friday, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado contained a 12-year old girl at the Boulder Juvenile Center following an investigation that has been going on for a couple of weeks. After the investigation, the cops believe that the girl has tried to poison her mother second times because she has taken her daughter’s iPhone away from her. The girl has being encountered with two counts of attempted first degree murder.


The first time, the girl attempted to add bleach into a smoothie that her mother started drinking. But, she fortunately realized something strange, she noticed the bleach smell and “ thought that her daughter had maybe just cleaned the glass and that there was still bleach left in it. Then she started feeling sick.”

After the sickness passed, the mother one again noticed a bleach smell from her water carafe in her room. “When she smelled the bleach in the carafe she confronted her daughter and her daughter told her that she was trying to kill her for taking her iPhone,”

Many parents know the conflict will come up with taking away the cell phones from their children. “I have two teenagers that, I think as most teenagers this age, are kind of addicted to their phones.” Cordova told a local news team. For Luciana Cordova sometimes the only way is to separate them, and luckily she have good reaction from their kids. But, the mentioned mother didn’t have its luckiness.

“It seems a little bit of an outrageous reaction to having your phone taken away, but I think it’s also reflecting of how our teens and our kids are so dependent on that, that they’d be willing to those extremes.”-Luciana Cordova, Boulder resident