Best-selling smartphone brands for Q3 2017: Samsung, Apple and…?

Recently, IDC has released their official report for the global smartphone market in Quarter 3, 2017. Today, let’s check out which name made it to the top of our “best-selling smartphone brands for Q3 2017” list today, shall we?

best-selling smartphone brands

The best-selling smartphone brands in Q3 2017: SAMSUNG!

Samsung – continues to dominate the worldwide smartphone market with 83.3 million units. They has a significant increase of 9.5% in compared to Q3 2016. Samsung archived this great number thanks to the good performances of their flagships devices, especially the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Coming closely at the second place is undoubtedly Samsung’s longtime rival, Apple! During Quarter 3 of 2017, Apple’s smartphone shipments increased to 46.7 million units, due to the release of their next iPhone generation – iPhone 8.

Furthermore, the last three smartphone brands on this list are all Chinese manufacturers. Placing third on our list today is Huawei with 39.1 million units. Previously, Huawei has actively launched many news smartphones globally. They also participated in the online festival sales and expanded their stores. Oppo takes the fourth place today, with 30.7 million smartphones. Their the R11 (as well as the R11 Plus) are this brand’s most popular flagships in China.

Best selling smartphones Chinese


Finally, Xiaomi takes their step to the fifth position, thanks to the total of 27.6 million shipments during this period. A big part of Xiaomi’s consumers come from India. All thanks to their discount program as well as the opening of new Mi Stores. Mainly, Xiaomi has sold four million smartphones in a month in India!

Who will be the best-selling smartphone brands in Q4 2017?

Did you guess the order of these brands correctly on our “best-selling smartphone brands in Q3 2017”? During the last quarter of 2017, we witness the release of various flagships from many names. We wonder which company is going to enter our list next time! Let us know your guest on this ranking today through a comment!