Canon develops 250MP camera sensor for smartphones

You may have seen 8MP, 13MP, then 21MP and recently 23MP on Sony Xperia Z5 smart phones. However, how about 250MP camera sensor for a smart phone? It will take super detailed and clear photos, we suppose. And yes, you will probably see a 250MP camera sensor on a smart phone soon, since Canon is already making one.

xperia_z5_101Sony Xperia Z5 camera will not be the best 4k video recorder anymore

250mp camera sensorCanon is already making 250MP camera sensor for your future phone

Canon reportedly said that its 250MP camera sensor can shoot a photo of the letters on airplane, which is flying kilometers away from where the photographer is. Moreover, Canon manages to pack all those pixels on to a very small sensor, which is smaller than 35mm. Although this is too soon to say anything, smart phones will likely sport 250MP camera sensor in the future too.

250mp camera sensor 1This 250MP camera sensor will be used in higher technology fields, such as specialized surveillance and crime prevention tools, or medical tools. It seems there will be many usage, but not on commercial cameras yet. Moreover, people state that using such huge sensor for just normal photo shooting is not effective at all.

Right now, the highest resolution camera sensor on a smartphone is 41MP – Nokia Lumia 1020 camera. However, will other companies break this record by releasing a phone with 250MP camera sensor?


Nokia Lumia 1020 camera has the highest resolution camera on smart phones

Can a smartphone camera shoots video with more than 4K resolution? The answer is yes when this 250MP camera sensor can be integrated into your device. Hopefully, when it comes to the Philippines, we can see good specs together with great camera and a reasonable price. In the mean time, we guess we have to wait, and enjoy what we already have first.