Customized Nokia 8: Limited Edition, 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM…

Good news for Nokia fans, a Customized Nokia 8 smartphone is soon coming to a Limited Edition. The new Nokia phone that bears 6GB RAM is the hottest topic that people are talking about now. 

Customized Nokia 8

Customized Nokia 8 specs: 6GB RAM

To start, we would like to remind you that the Nokia 8 smartphone is the hottest phone right now. Nokia is looking forward to starting selling the Nokia phone in September officially. It is a smartphone that offers better specifications than the Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as the LG G6 phone. In fact, we even believe that it can beat the iPhone 7 Plus too as it offers stronger processor and better cameras. Let’s break the new down for you to understand that the Nokia 8 smartphone is a real beast.

For the hardware, the Nokia 8 specs sit on the latest Qualcomm Software. It runs on the Snapdragon 835 SoC with 6GB RAM. Also, its processor of 6GB RAM can give the best performance and make sure that the Nokia 8 runs well. If we have to mention something about the storage, we can tell you that the phone has an internal 64GB ROM. The Limited Edition comes with 128GB ROM and all variants expandable up to 256GB ROM. In this case, you can store all your data and document to use them on the go.

Customized Nokia 8

Photography is what makes this Nokia 8 cameras so great. It comes with the latest Carl Zeiss technology that help the phone some incredible pictures with a lowers pixels. Nokia 8 cameras have dual 13+13MP on the rear and 13MP on the front for selfies. Moreover, the limited version comes with a battery power of 3200mAH which is not removable.

Nokia 8 Release Date

The good news is that Nokia 8 monster is official and might start selling next month. For the cost, Nokia 8 price is low compared to many premium smartphones; it cost Rs 39,105 ~ $ 610.