Dragon Quest 11 PS4 & 3DS in the same box!

Dragon Quest is a very beloved series. It has now reached its 11 installment, which is going to be released soon. This time, two versions of Dragon Quest 11, PS4 and 3DS, will be packed in the same box!

dragon quest 11

Dragon Quest 11 PS4 & 3DS in the same box!

Square Enix, developers of many memorable games (such as Final Fantasy), has announced a special edition of the upcoming game Dragon Quest 11, which will have the PS4 and 3DS versions of the game packed into the same big box. Actually this was announced in a trailer that also showed the release date of the game. The bundle in question is called “Dragon Quest XI Double Pack: Hero Sword Box”. It will include both versions mentioned above, in hollowed-out book style cases, all packed inside a larger sword case box. The price of the bundle will be 14,960 yen (~$135USD).

Both the PS4 and 3DS versions of Dragon Quest 11 will be released along with the special edition in Japan on July 29. There will actually be three versions of the game: the PS4 version which is 3D, and two versions of the 3DS: a lower 3D version and a 2D game with classic pixel art. Noticeably, this time we have not heard anything about the Nintendo Switch version, which was announced previously. The trailer made no mention of it either.

Previously, Square Enix has said that it will release every version on every platform at the same time, to avoid spoilers. When asked about the release, Square has made no comments at all about when the Switch version would be release. Additionally, no statements were made about whether the game would go to Western markets. Although, Square has said in the past that they would be committed to releasing more Dragon Quest titles to the West. Hopefully they will!

Dragon Quest 11: The West will need to wait further!

With this development, it seems markets other than Japan will have to wait for an international version of Dragon Quest 11, as well as other games in the franchise. Hopefully players from all over the world will be able to play this game soon!