First Nokia P1 Press render appears – Nokia Android smartphone

2 months ago, in May 2016, Nokia officially confirmed their comeback this year. For now, in early July 2016, the very first Android-powered Nokia P1 press render leaked over the internet.

Nokia P1 press render

Nokia P1 press render: first view of the beast

Over the past few months, we have been guessing whether the first Nokia smartphone will be Nokia E1 or Nokia A1. However, seems like recent leaks are suggesting a different model – namely Nokia P1. In case you are wondering, this latest Nokia mobile will be an Android smartphone. According to our source, the device is made and developed by engineers at InFocus/Sharp. It explains why this Nokia P1 press render looks very similar to Sharp Aquos P1.

According to contract with Microsoft, Nokia can not produce a smartphone until Q3 of 2016, which is right now. And the company later sign a contract with Foxconn (who is right now the owner of InFocus/Sharp), who will take part in the manufacture process on the behalf of Nokia. Now that we break down all the information about Nokia’s deals, it all suddenly makes sense about the decision of the company.

Nokia P1 press render

Besides the only Nokia P1 press render image, we have spotted no official specs of the smartphone thus far. However, experts are suggesting that, Android Nokia P1 could be another variant of Sharp Aquos P1 to launch this year. For your interest, Sharp Aquos P1 specs include: 3GB RAM, SND 820 processor, a 5.3 inch FHD display and 32GB of ROM which can be expandable. For camera, the Aquos P1 sports 22.6MP on the back, but we hope Nokia P1 will have “Pureview” on it. There is a 3,000 mAH battery to power the handset as well as IP58 dust-proof and water resistant technology.

Nokia P1 press render: price and availability

Design-wise, Nokia P1 will be available in blue and salmon. Though there is no confirmation about the P1 pricing and availability yet, we predict this Nokia P1 will cost around USD 300, basing on the specs it offers. How does it make you feel, now that we have our first view of such long-awaited beast?