Foldable Samsung phone launching soon: 6GB RAM, 512GB ROM and…

When the S8 series and Note 8 launched, many believed that the dream of the Foldable Samsung phone is dead. According to the company CEO, the dream is not dead yet. And the embers of hype will once again be reignited.

Foldable Samsung phone

Foldable Samsung phone specs: 5.5 or 11-inch display.

Back in 2013, Samsung planted a seed of hype into the consumers with a video of a device that can fold in half like a book. Since then, many people had carried the hope that one day they can see the ads comes into life as a real product. Then Samsung said that project is delayed indefinitely because the curved screen is doing so well. But now, just when Apple unveils their iPhone 8, Samsung decides to steal the spotlight. The CEO just announced that they would unveil the foldable phone in 2018.

For the design, the video in the 2013 press conference showed a large and full-screen tablet. Then, a call came, and the user just folds the device in half to form a phone-sized device to answer. So to speculate, the device will have one 11-inches, full-screen display on one side. The other side we will see a 5.5-inch screen on one-half and some kind of housing for the hardware on the other. After all, the device needs to have hardware and the folding design already limited the space a lot.

Foldable Samsung phone

For the specs, we can only say that it may have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset and that can change. For the rest, it’s nigh impossible to guess because of the folding display. It is likely that Samsung is going to have to make every component themselves if they want to keep this phone a secret.

Foldable Samsung phone release date: ETA 2018

The CEO of Samsung says 2018, but that could only be an official teaser for another hype train. The real release could be much further in the future. However, now that Apple is playing catch up in the tech race, Samsung is not going to let the opportunity slip away.