Google Pixel Fusion Edition: An amazing design!

Last year, Google has finally introduced their own first in-house smartphone, the Google Pixel. It was highly appreciated, but some thought the aesthetics could be improved. Now, there is a Google Pixel Fusion Edition render, and it looks amazing!

Google Pixel Fusion Edition

Google Pixel Fusion Edition: Android O, stereo speakers

The Google Pixel phones have received a lot of praise from experts and its fans (it is considered the best camera phone). However, one common complaint for the phone is that it seems lacking in character and personality. Taking note of this, designer Stefano Rosselli has made it his task to create a more unique design for the phone. The result from his work is the Google Pixel Fusion Edition, and frankly, it looks incredible!

The main idea of Rosselli’s design is to bring back some elements of the old Nexus to the new Pixel. It is mainly inspired by the Nexus 4 and 5, and then merge some elements with the Pixel phone from last year. In this concept, Google Pixel Fusion Edition is made from aerospace grade aluminum. Its screen is 5.2″ AMOLED, with Full HD resolution. The screen is also protected by Gorilla Glass 4. It also has a curved screen panel. We can also see that there are minimal bezels in this concept, which is a trend on flagships nowadays.

Google Pixel Fusion Edition

The camera area has V shape, which includes the sensor, LED flash and fingerprint scanner, arranged vertically. We get a 12.3MP back camera and an 8MP front shooter, similar to that of the 2016 Pixel. One notable among Google Pixel Fusion Edition specs is the stereo speakers, which is a welcoming change. The new device is also just 6.1mm thick.The default OS of the phone will be the new Android O. It will also come with a new more elegant box. Overall, the phone looks much more pleasing to the eyes.

Google Pixel Fusion Edition: A very well made design

This is still a design. However, the Google Google Pixel Fusion Edition just looks so awesome and premium, so its price would also be on the high-end. Would you buy this phone if it is made?