HTC 10 review: Why it is the best HTC phone to date

Despite being unsuccessful in the market, HTC is still one of the best flagships in the smartphone industry and of course, the best phone so far from HTC. Let’s take a look at this HTC 10 review to see why!

htc 10 review

HTC 10 review: A high-end experience!

First of all, in this HTC 10 review, let’s talk about the design. Different from the promoted photos, HTC 10 in real life looks very premium! The line around the back edge of the phone is bigger than in the predecessors, which makes the phone not easy to slip from your hand and look much cooler. However, as an HTC fan, I expect the flagship will come with more changes in the design.

The second thing to talk about in this HTC 10 review is its battery. Though it packs a humble 3000mAh battery, this phone actually stays longer than expected. I once unplugged the phone at 8 am when it had been fully charged. Then I went out the whole day using 3GB and GPS continuously but the battery still remained 20% when I arrived home at 8 pm. So this time, with HTC 10, the capacity really doesn’t count!

htc 10 review hihi

Now let’s move on to the display. HTC is always well known for producing excellent display. And this time, HTC 10 is a great example of that tradition! The color on the display is very vibrant, truthful. The color transformation and the details are very smooth and natural looking. That’s thanks to the S-LCD 5 with 2k resolution. Another improvement of this phone is that the navigating buttons have been transformed into physical buttons (in HTC 8 and HTC 9 those buttons are placed within the display), so now the entire 5.2-inch is only for content!

HTC 10 review: The camera

Last but not least in this HTC 10 review, let’s talk about the camera. The 12MP snapper on the back of this phone reproduces truthful colors and detailed edges. The phase detection autofocus of Galaxy S7 Edge, this phone is not really outstanding in focusing speed. Besides, the interface of the camera app is quite complicated to use. However, I’m impressed by its performance in low-light environment. The photos taken in the dark has very little noise. I personally prefer a dark, noiseless photo than a brighter but full of noise photo!