HTC EXODUS: the world FIRST major blockchain-powered smartphone!

After the U12 Plus flagship, HTC is now preparing for the launch of one of their most anticipated devices in years! Meet HTC EXODUS, the first major blockchain-powered smartphone of this Taiwanese manufacturer!

HTC U12 Plus

HTC EXODUS: the first major blockchain-powered smartphone worldwide!

Back in May, HTC has quietly unveiled their next premium device after the U11 duo – HTC U12 Plus. However, it seems like this new flagship isn’t the only high-end smartphone which HTC is planning to release this year. According to HTC, they are going to introduce a brand new handset name HTC EXODUS, which is their first ever blockchain based smartphone this year. Moreover, the company has stated in an official statement that Exodus will be “the first cold wallet phone with key recovery.”

As a blockchain based smartphone, we can expect this HTC phone to have an extremely high-security system. There can be many features concerning privacy, security and cryptocurrency. Notably, one of the unique features is that you can locally encrypt data on your device and store it; instead of using cryptocurrency, decentralised application and the possibility of an app store. Moreover, there is also a collaborated app between HTC and Cryptokitties developers.


For now, the HTC EXODUS supporting website is up and running. You can now sign up to get the latest update. In details, this new application is going to help secure and take control of your data. Moreover, you can also test it out on your HTC smartphone before the Exodus hits the market. On the other hand, the new HTC phone is reportedly running on a new operating system instead of Android. To explain their goal, HTC said that “we envision a phone where you hold your keys, you own your own identity and data, and your phone is the hub.” In our opinion, this is a big step for HTC to enter the emerging crypto world, where decentralisation is a significant characteristic of the blockchain.

HTC EXODUS release date and price

According to HTC, they are going to introduce the HTC EXODUS officially this August. Moreover, the HTC EXODUS price can reach up to $1,000!! What do you think about this new HTC handset? Drop a comment to let us know!