HTC Ocean Master launched: 5.5 inch display, 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM…

Good news for HTC fans out there: the Taiwanese manufacturer has just decided the new HTC Ocean Master launch date. This new device is one of the three upcoming smartphones from the company. Read the article to learn more.

HTC Ocean Master launch date

HTC Ocean Master specs: 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM and more…

The HTC U11 and HTC U Ultra might not be the only flagships from the company this year because THREE new phones are expected to come by the end of the year! There’s a piece of information says that the soon-to-be-revealed handset is belong to a series called HTC Ocean. And the phone we are going to present today is the main flagsphip with the name HTC Ocean Master. In case you’re curious, there are two more devices in this series called HTC Ocean Lite and HTC Ocean Harmony.

According to the leak, this new smartphone might be bigger than the previous flagship, the HTC U11. In stead of sporting a 5.5″ display like its brother, the Ocean Master handset might have a 6.0″ display with higher resolution. We still haven’t known about the design of this forthcoming device. Hopefully, this time, HTC will offer us a bezel-less display smartphone like a lot of flagships on the market (like Galaxy Note 8, LG G6, etc.). We will update you when there are more leaks.

HTC Ocean Master launch date

On the other hand, there’s not much information about the hardware of this upcoming phone. However, we could expect that the HTC Ocean Master would have 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Moreover, the rumor said that the phone would come with a 12MP rear camera and an 8MP front-facing one. Unfortunately, we have no idea how long the battery life would be or the OS that the device would run on. Nevertheless, we expect this upcoming handset would run on Android Oreo.

HTC Ocean Master launch date and price

All the HTC fans out there should remember that the HTC Ocean Master launch date would be in November. For the price, we believed it would be higher than the previous flagships from HTC, maybe around Rs. 54675 (about $850). Stay tuned for more updates from us.