HTC One M10 flagship: 4K display, 4GB RAM and 20MP cam?

At MWC 2015, HTC One M9 was announced and there is a high possibility that its successor, a phone called HTC One M10, will see the light at MWC 2016. Will it look as beautiful as the one designed by Hasan Kaymak?


HTC One M10: Premium look with super slim bezel

This time, the designer Hasan Kaymak gives us a new HTC One M10 design, which looks absolutely gorgeous. Besides, according to him, HTC One M10 will probably be a phablet coming along with a stylus. This is quite new but also interesting. Other than that, the upcoming flagship of the company will be likely to have many top high-end specifications as the following. It can become a fiercely strong competitor next year.

HTC One M10 specs will include a 5.9-inch Super AMOLED screen with 4K resolution, a 12-core chip, a microUSB Type-C port, 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM (expandable up to 2TB). The whole machine will be fueled by an impressive 6,200mAh battery, which can allow your handset to last more than 2 days. As for the camera, there will be a 20MP rear and an 8MP front shooter to create the most beautiful pictures for you.

HTC One M10

In terms of design, as you can see, the device will be equipped with a metal frame and the body will be very thin. On the front surface, the screen seems so large partly because its borders are super slim. In general, we think this is a fantastic model to help HTC develop more next year. But, what is your thinking?

HTC One M10 Price and availability

As we mentioned above, HTC One M10 launch can happen at MWC 2016, like its predecessor at MWC 2015. About the cost, we predict that they will try to make the HTC One M10 price reasonable, perhaps around $500, since its features are totally powerful. Do you agree?