Huawei battery tech: 5 minutes for up to 50% charged

Unlike to what many people think, Huawei, not Xiaomi, has been crowned as the best Chinese smartphone producer. Last week, the Chinese King, in their Watt Lab (belongs to Huawei Technology Corporation Limited), has just showcased not one, but 2 new battery models. These Huawei battery can charges 10 times faster than other counterparts!

Huawei battery

Huawei battery: unbelievable fast charge for 2 models

In their new approach into the smartphone battery particularly, Huawei is experimenting 2 different battery models: one with 600 mAH capacity, the other with 3000 mAH. In the show case, the 600 mAH Huawei Battery reached 68% charge after the first 2 minutes. More impressively, the 3000 mAH got 48% power in as short as 5 minutes!

According to Huawei, the Chinese giant is testing these batteries extensively as they believe, if successful, this can create a revolution in lithium battery development. What we concern mostly for now is how much it would cost. Because if the price is right, then mass production can be a thing we look forward to. So far, these charge speeds are leading way ahead of Samsung and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technologies.

Huawei battery

Huawei battery fast charge: premium technology

If you are worrying whether too fast charge will affect battery life, the answer is no. Huawei, in response to this question, says that, this new function is like  a “catalyst for the capture and transmission of lithium through carbon bonds.”. This time, it seems like Huawei is pretty confident in their product. They also are claiming to be in negotiation with partners for further manufacturing and distribution to the market.

Although we are not sure where we can find use for the 600 mAH capacity model, the 3000 mAH capacity is being pretty popular among smartphones nowadays, especially mid-rangers. Therefore, this model of Huawei battery could make a very nice accessory (appealing, to be more honest) to grab when considering buying a new handset.

If you are interested in further details, you can refer to the demo of 3000 mAH Huawei battery fast charge here