Huawei G9 Lite specs: 3GB RAM, 8MP selfie and…

To outstand with other smartphone companies, Huawei is preparing for their new devices. Recently, they have officially announced the new smartphone in May called Huawei G9 Lite. Now let’s see what is the new things from Huawei G9 Lite specs?


Huawei G9 lite specs: What are the new features?

Many people believe that Huawei G9 lite is an updated version of Huawei P9. However, Huawei G9 lite design has some other innovative features. Thanks to some pictures on the internet, we have some idea about the Huawei G9 design. It can not show clearly and fully Huawei G9 lite design but you can see some innovative features in Huawei G9 chassis.Now we will show you the same and the different between Huawei G9 lite and Huawei P9

So, what are the differents between Huawei G9 specs and Huawei P9 specs? As we know, one of the different comes from Huawei G9 lite processor, it has 1.7GHz paired with 3 GB RAM. Other Huawei G9 lite specs contain 16GB of internal storage, proximity sensor. Moreover, Huawei G9 lite screen is smaller with a 5.2-inch display. About Huawei G9 lite design, it’s body seems to be made polycarbonate, weighing 143g, and the only 7.5mm thin, thicker than Huawei P9. As for Huawei G9 lite battery, it comes with a 3000mAh nonremovable battery.


Let’s talk about the same in Huawei G9 Lite screen and Huawei P9 screen. Both of them have excellence display with 1080p resolution. As for Huawei G9 Lite camera, its rear camera is capable to 13 MP while its front camera is capable to 8 MP. Huawei G9 Lite battery can provide 18 hours thanks to a 2900 mAh battery. There is a fingerprint scanner on the back. As we know, Huawei G9 Lite runs Android 6.0.

New Huawei G9 Lite price and release date

New Huawei G9 Lite has been officially announced on 4th May. Besides, Huawei G9 lite costs at 270$ and $307 for advanced one while Huawei P9 costs at $688.  Huawei G9 Lite price is not a small number but it is a reasonable price tag. Which things you like most from Huawei G9 Lite specs? Please share with us.