Best iPhone 7 apps

iPhone 7 has been released recently. So, there may be some interesting iPhone 7 apps that would be missed. Today, we’d like to suggest you some best apps.

iPhone 7 apps

1. Procam 4

iPhone 7 itself also has camera apps pre-installed in it. However, this app offers some basic functions for photography. Therefore, if you want to have photos that looks artistic, you may consider Procam 4 app.

Procam 4 is one of the iPhone 7 apps used by professional photography. With Procam 4, your iPhone now can be turned into a professional DSLRs. The app comes with some features that looks like digital camera such as knobs and buttons. In addition, you can also takde 3D photos using this app.

iPhone 7 apps

2. Obscura Camera

Coming in the 2nd of the best iPhone 7 apps list is Obscura Camera. This app gives you the control over ISO, exposure, focus, and shutter speed. Interestingly, Obscura is capable of capturing Live Photos. This feature is compatible with the editing Live Photos ability of iOS 10. Obscura also comes with a collection of live filters. The app is now available at $4.99.

iPhone 7 apps

3. VLC

VLC is a video player app that runs in almost all platforms. One interesting feature of VLC is Wi-Fi sharing. As a result, you can insert videos without iTunes or USB cable. However, your iPhone and the computer have to use the same Wi-Fi network.

iPhone 7 apps

4. Quick note

In case of usual notification widgets, you can get access to functionality without turning back to home screen in order to find and launch the app. With that spirit, Quick note app will help your taking note process quick and short. It’s quick because the app only focuses on solely on thing at a time. The app also offers one page for editing and the contents will be showed in notification widget automatically.

iPhone 7 apps

5. Words with friends

Originally, Words with friends is used to be a games for web and mobile. Now, it is put into a chat app. With this app messaging with your friends would be much easier. So far, in order to chat with your friends, you need to open a separate chat box or thread. However, Words with friends allow you to chat while using iMessage.

iPhone 7 apps

5 apps above are the best iPhone 7 apps nowadays. We believe that they would be helpful and useful for you.