iPhone 8 batteries get SWOLLEN. And Apple is saying THAT….>

Apple is considering its new iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 Batteries Swelling issue. These new iPhones which offer great specs such like 256GB ROM battery issue can be fixed, but how? Read the full article for more details.

iPhone 8 batteries swelling

iPhone 8 batteries Swelling issue?

Since yesterday, many iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus users have been posting the photo of their phones entirely opened due to the swollen battery. The question is that, should Apple change the manufacturer of it phones battery? Same is the case with last year, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 batteries had the same issues. Some iPhone 6 series started to explode causing a material and physical damages. Reports claimed that many people were burned by their phones while they were using it. If this is said to be true, Apple will not let it happen again as it might affect its reputation.

It is sad to see the iPhone  8 and iPhone 8 Plus batteries getting into this issue. These Apple flagships recently launched and considered as the new handset to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8. For this case, Apple has immediately responded to its customers from China, Canada, Greece, Japan and Taiwan. Apple said, ” Apple is going to look into this issue.” However, there are no precise details about what is causing the iPhone and iPhone 8 Plus smartphones batteries swelling.

iPhone 8 batteries swelling

The best way is to wait for few days and see what Apple is going to say about this. How to fix this issue, the best recommendation is not t use your iPhone 8 and 8 Plus when they are charging. Do not let your iPhone 8 series overheat. Also, take good care your iPhone 8 handsets for not letting them fall hard on the ground.

How to deal with iPhone 8 batteries swelling

In conclusion, if you are experiencing this issue right now, you can return the phone to the nearest Apple store with the receipt and warranty paper. After that, Apple will consider your problem and fix it as soon as it can.