iPhone 8 render looks amazing!

This year is going to be special for Apple, as it is the 10-year anniversary for the iPhone. A lot has been supposedly leaked about the new iPhone 8, and has been put together in this amazing iPhone 8 render!

iPhone 8 render

iPhone 8 render looks amazing!

iPhone has always been a hot topic, but this year it has become more so. This year marks the 10 years iPhone has been in the industry, and people expect the next iPhone (called iPhone 8) to be amazing. DBS Designing Team has come up with a new iPhone 8 design based on what details could be on the new device so far. The general big catch is that it will have an immersive screen, like many other flagships are doing now. There are obviously some hints of its competitor, the Galaxy S8, in this concept.

This iPhone will have a 5.5″ Quad HD screen. For the frame, the rounded corner corners are similar to the recent iPhones, which make it stand out more. For the intro video, it is executed really well, with the right music being used, and the background is really excellent, making the phone look amazing. The phone colors shown in the video are red, black, gray and pink. Also, the phone looks to be very slim, and it is hard to make out whether the phone is all metal or sports a glass back.

However, something is clear: this iPhone 8 render will have dual back camera, and will also be waterproof. As expected, there will be no physical home button at the front. At its original will be an Apple logo, right below the screen area. It is thought that the same position may be the fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint sensor is placed beneath the glass, so it may use ultrasonic technology. Both front and back camera would have great improvement, with both having f/1.7 aperture. There is also wireless charging!

iPhone 8 render: An amazing phone

Although it is just a concept, the iPhone 8 render is truly amazing. Hopefully, when the phone launches, it will be as amazing as this design. Do you look forward to the new iPhone?