Moogles and Chocobos shown in Final Fantasy 15’s Carnival Event!

Final Fantasy 15 has been long anticipated by fans, and finally it was launched on November 29 last year. It has achieved a lot in just a short time. Now, a new Carnival Event has been showcased in the game’s latest trailer, and there are Moogles and Chocobos!


Moogles and Chocobos shown in Final Fantasy 15’s Carnival Event!

There has been announcement of this event before, and the fun Moogle Chocobo Carnival event is now live. Recently, Square Enix has dropped a new trailer, giving us a hint of what to expect from this special event in Final Fantasy 15. This Carnival event is launched as part of the recent update, which allows players to take their own photographs outside of battles. There will also be a special photo frame, and a costume for Noctis, the main protagonist, included for this event.

However, the carnival itself is the main attraction. This time-limited event will kick off on January 23, and will decorate Altissia, as well as giving new food, new outfits for Noctis, and new side quests. There will also be fishing, chocobo racing, and at least one carnival game for players to take part in. The revealed game looks similar to a shooting gallery. You can see more in the trailer below!

All of what you see will be available on both platforms, the PS4 and Xbox One. You will need a special item called the Carnival Passport item to get access to the carnival. The said item is included in the Holiday Pack DLC. The good news is that, you can get the item from either the free or paid version of the DLC. Square has not specified the end date of this event. So for the time being, just enjoy the festival!

Final Fantasy 15’s Carnival event: Vibrant and light-hearted

This looks to be a fun addition to the game. In the future, there will be more DLCs and updates for the game. One of the future DLCs will allow you to play co-op with friends. The fun with Final Fantasy 15 is not going anywhere for a while yet!