Motorola V360 Curved Screen: 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM, 3500mAH

Here is the monster phone we call the Motorola V360 Curved Screen. In fact, it is the best Motorola smartphone so far as it comes with a curved screen and strong 6GB RAM. Read the full news in the article below. 

Motorola V360 Curved Screen

Motorola V360 curved screen: 6GB RAM

As we just said, this is the most incredible Motorola smartphone. Also, the Motorola V360 is capable of tackling many big name phones. It can resist or even win against the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone 8 flagship. Moreover, you have to do everything possible to get the Motorola V360 beast when it launches. It is one of the best-curved smartphones that is possible of impressing users. Now, let us introduce what the Motorola V360 specs are.

First of all, the new Motorola V360 curved screen is what makes it gorgeous. It has a display size of 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display. More than that, there is screen dimensions of 2880 x 1440 pixels for the resolutions. For the Motorola V360 hardware, the phone runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU and Adreno 540 core. Besides that, it has a processor of 6 GB of RAM that facilitates the smooth performance. Also, the new Motorola V360 storage offers 64 and 128 GB and both expandable up to 256GB ROM via microSD.

Motorola V360 Curved Screen

Now, let’s talk about its photography as its lenses are capable up to 2.3x optical zoom. The large Motorola V360 cameras offer dual 16MP on the rear for the original pictures. Also, it has another 16MP on the front face that can shoot the best selfie photos for you. Motorola V360 flagship runs on the latest Google software which is the Android Nougat 7.1.1. It has a battery pack of  3500 mAh unit that can last for two days.

Motorola V360 Release Date

The Motorola company is looking forward to launching the new Motorola beast as soon as November 2017. Besides that, the Motorola V360 price is not official yet; we are expecting the company to set an average cost of Rs 51, 146 ~ $ 800.