New Samsung S8 series: How to improve battery life?

You like to use the Galaxy S8/S8+ but wonder about the battery will run out soon. How to save more power with new Samsung S8 series? We will give you the tips to solve that trouble.

 new Samsung S8 series

Saving more power with Samsung superior devices!

For improving battery power on new Samsung S8 series, you should use darker themes settings. AMOLED displays are created with a high demand of power usage. Hence, you should tap a black or dark wallpaper to save more battery power by going to Settings, then Wallpapers and themes. Second, adjusting the automatic brightness. Samsung gadgets permitted users to balance brightness even when they covered by automatic mode. So, you should use the automatic mode for improving the battery.

Thirdly, for enhancing new Samsung S8 series battery capacity, you can turn off the Always On mode. Although the mode is useful, you can just light up the display when you need to look for something. Moreover, you can also save more battery life when there are fewer notifications. You can switch this item off by tapping Settings the Lock screen and security. Next, you can save more energy by making use of app power mention. Go to Settings, then Device maintenance and Battery, you will be able to have a longer battery.

 new Samsung S8 series

Lastly. you can save more power on new Samsung S8 series by using Game Launcher and Game Turner. The Game Launcher has appeared since Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge released. If you like playing games longer, assure to tap the Save Power button. For the Game Tuner, Samsung apps aren’t automatically built in, but you can install it from Google Play for free. This app allows you to convert the resolution and frames in games, then you can have charge of heat production and battery reduction.

5 tips for raising new Samsung S8 series battery!

Like mentioned above, we’ve just brought you 5 tips for having longer battery capacity on new Samsung S8 series. We hope our tricks can help you making the juice pack better.