Nokia 6 vs Nokia 3310 in a drop test

We have just found out something really amazing about the two giants from Nokia. The drop test was conducted by EverythingApplePro channel, telling us the truth of how durable Nokia 6 vs Nokia 3310 are!

Nokia 6 vs Nokia 3310

Nokia 6 vs Nokia 3310: who wins the drop test?

Nokia 6 has been mentioned a lot in recent durability reviews and was concluded as “one of the most solid devices ever”. That could be the reason why Nokia 6 was picked to show up in this drop test against the legendary Nokia 3310. Both phones went through around 10 drops, initially from 3ft. up to 50 ft. in the last try. Let us go over every drop very quickly and show you who the Nokia 6 vs Nokia 3310 winner is.

Nokia 6 vs Nokia 3310 were first put in a waist-height side, back and front facing drop tests. Both were still alive and working well although the Nokia 3310 took some time to be reassembled while Nokia 6 remained super solid. Then the drops were moved to head-height and still done on the side, back and front facing. This time, Nokia 6 was starting to have some aluminum break off, the bottom deforms and push in a bit. Nokia 6 vs Nokia 3310 screens and cameras still survived before the front facing drop destroyed the 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3.

Nokia 6 vs Nokia 3310

Moving up to 10ft., Nokia 6 body was warped and bent, showing some of the internal parts near the home button. The 3310 was recorded to be “naked to the bone but still working”. On the last bottom side drop, Nokia 6 was still working while legendary Nokia 3310 had some screen defects and the keyboard could not work anymore. Nokia 6 vs Nokia 3310 10ft. drop test marked the new phone as the winner despite its badly broken screen and exposed button lighting. Even with the 50ft. test, Nokia 6 was still working with some screen errors while Nokia 3310 went totally unusable!

Nokia 6 vs Nokia 3310: the Nokia quality!

Although the winner turned out to be Nokia 6, we have to admit the incredible durability of the two Nokia phones. Do you agree with us? Share your opinion and which phones you expect to see in our next drop test post!

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