Nokia Android phone pricing from budget to high-end

According to HMD Global top management team, in a meeting with Economic Times in India, all Nokia Android phones has been completely ready to hit the smartphone world. The best news for all Nokia fans is Nokia Android phone pricing will vary in every segment: from low-end to high-end. 

Nokia Android phone pricing

Nokia Android phone pricing varies from budget to high-end

Recently, the price of Nokia D1C has been unveiled: just $150 for 2GB RAM version and  $200 for 3GB RAM one, which seems to be reasonable and low-end and mid-range focusing. Nokia has been famous for their phone durability and innovations and a very competitive pricing, also. As claimed by Nokia top management team in an interview with Economic Times in India, Nokia Android phone pricing will vary in many price segments. They will not focus only on high-end smartphone line as stated before.

Mr Florian Seich, president of HMD as known as former vice president of Nokia, stated that the company will always carefully look at their customers’ need. That means they will probably produce entry level smartphones under $100 in the context of high demand for low-price segment, especially in India. This coming back of Nokia is not only a game, but a long-term campaign to get the crown back, he also claimed.

Upcoming Nokia phones

The mobile world competition is tough now and surprisingly, Nokia is planning to join the game not in terms of the specifications and price, not by the megapixels or Ghz. This will be the return of a true Nokia phone. Mr. Florian indicated that Nokia is having a golden opportunity which comes from human aspect besides the technologies. Nokia still owns the brand equity and ability to leverage the upcoming products based on Nokia’s foundation: quality, reliability and stability.

 Nokia Android phone pricing can get them back to the glory days of 70% market share?

Flash back to 10 years ago when Nokia’s phone accounted for 70% mobile market share, the management team expressed their excitement and faced the truth that the world has dramatically changed. However, hey have no doubt in a market like India, that they are going to be extremely potential player. With long-term contracts with partners and manufacturers, Nokia is possessing many modern technologies while millions of Nokia fans are watching their steps and welcome their products.