Nokia Edge Max: 8GB RAM, 500GB ROM, Dual 24MP Cam

A new Nokia smartphone just hit the internet, and it is the Nokia Edge Max. Let’s talk about this 500GB ROM Nokia beast as it also offers 8GB RAM. Read the full article below.

Nokia Edge Max

Nokia Edge Max Specs: 8GB RAM, 500GB ROM

Apparently, the Nokia Edge Max is the latest Nokia monster to show off on the internet. The new Nokia Edge Max flagship can be a real problem to many premium smartphones. Also, we believe that Nokia is launching this beats as it wants to beat up the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone 8. Moreover, Nokia is all about to come and get back on top as the best smartphone manufacturer.

To demonstrate this concept, we are want to tell you more about the Nokia Edge Max specs. The new Nokia Edge Max flagship comes with a screen size of 6.0-inch with a Super AMOLED display. Also, it offers the best screen resolution as it bears bright 4K pixels. For the hardware, Nokia Edge phone runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with 8GB RAM. With this type of processor, your Nokia monster phone can be the best smartphone out there.

Nokia Edge Max

Nokia put new technology in the phone as it comes with 3D Studio Max and the animation system. It is a feature that helps the display of the phone look more catchy and user friendly. For the Nokia Edge Max cameras, we have Dual 24MP on the rear as a primary shooter. The phone also bears a single 24MP on the front face for the selfie photos. However, Nokia Edge beast battery cells is a 6000mAH non-removable. Also, the new Nokia phone runs on Google latest Operating System Android Oreo 8.0.

Nokia Edge Max Release Date

According to the latest reports, Nokia might launch the Edge Max with some Nokia premium phones next month. Also, the Nokia Edge Max price might come around Rs 45,999 to Rs 49356.