Nokia Maze Max 2018 vs Motorola Moto Z3: 10GB RAM, dual 29MP cameras!!

Taking place on Price Pony today is the battle between Nokia MAze Max 2018 vs Motorola Moto Z3 with massive 10GB RAM and crazy dual 29MP cameras! Let’s come and see the winner today!

Nokia Maze Max 2018 vs Motorola Moto Z3

Nokia Maze Max 2018 vs Motorola Moto Z3 specs

Between those twos, the Nokia Maze Max 2018 is an upcoming monster in the hope to defeat many first-class smartphones the days to come. Meanwhile, the Motorola Moto Z3 was born in the Moto Z family. Stay consistent to see how the phones exclude each other from the battle today! The Nokia Maze Max 2018 specs include a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED with a 4K resolution and win for better display. Also, the Motorola Moto Z3 specs include a smaller 6.01-inch Super AMOLED (1080 x 2160 pixels). Thanks to the better screen, Nokia is ahead.

Under the hood, the Nokia phone ships with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. On the contrary, the Moto Z3 runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Thus, the Nokia handset wins the round for a more powerful chipset. Furthermore, the Maze Max comes with 10GB RAM and 256GB/ 512GB ROM (expandable to 512GB). The Motorola Moto Z3 offers 4GB/6GB RAM and 32GB/64GB/128GB ROM (expandable up to 512GB). As a result, the Nokia knocks out its rival Moto Z3 because of the bulkier storage.

Nokia Maze Max 2018 vs Motorola Moto Z3

Additionally, Nokia Maze Max 2018 camera features a dual 29MP rear shooter and a 24MP front-facing lens. Whereas, Motorola Moto Z3 camera sports dual 12 MP + 5MP primary snappers and an 8MP selfie sensors. It is apparent in black and white that the Nokia phone leads this round. As for the battery, the Nokia device equips a 6500mAh juice box. The Motorola Moto Z3 bears a twice smaller 3000mAh juice box. Therefore, the Moto Z3 bitterly steps back. Lastly, the Maze Max runs on Android 8.0. The Moto Z3 works on Android 8.1.

Nokia Maze Max 2018 vs Motorola Moto Z3 release date and price

Out of the two, Motorola announced the Moto Z3 in August 3rd. The Nokia Maze Max 2018 release date is at the end of this year 2018. As for the cost, the Nokia Maze Max 2018 price is $699 ~ Rs. 48, 112. Motorola Motor Z3 price starts at $480 ~ Rs. 33,000. With more impressive features, the Nokia handset is undoubtedly the best choice for you. If you don’t have a deep pocket, the Motorola handset is not a wrong choice. Let us know your opinions down below!