Nokia N2: 6 inch display, 4GB RAM and 21MP Pureview

Nokia phones are coming back to the smartphone market in 2016, with a bunch of good ideas for upcoming new Nokia mobiles. Today, we spotted another: Nokia N2 phones featuring a fresh look and Pureview Camera for Nokia fans who want affordable Nokia Smartphones…

Nokia N2 Smartphone

Nokia N2 Mobile – the next beast of Nokia rebirth

Nokia’s purchase of Alcatel Lucent has made all of us excited and may bring up many surprises. Designer David Quijada predicts that the giant will produce a new era with brand new products we never seen before. One of those include the one we are talking about: Nokia N2 mobile with a bold impressive appearance and awesome Nokia N2 specs. This Nokia N2 has all the potential it takes to become the rebirth of Nokia in the smartphone market.

Looking at the Nokia N2 above, you can tell that it brings the impression of a big smartphone – at the size of around 6 inch display. In terms of Nokia N2 specs, we have a Snapdragon 810 CPU, and edge to edge screen with OLED panel and beautiful FHD resolution. Nokia N2 cameras will be what we all love: 21MP Pureview sensor on the back and 8MP selfie shooter on the front. Both come with LED flashes for better shots under low light conditions.


Nokia N2 is designed to carry some special favorable features too. The phone will have 3D Touch, a huge 64GB internal storage, 4G LTE and NFC charge. We will have Cortana and an optic scanner on board. There is no information about the Nokia N2 RAM capability yet, but with other premium specs the phone already have, a 4GB RAM or bigger will make it an ideal device.

Nokia N2 Price – super affordable!

For now, please keep in mind that, Nokia N2 is still not launched, but will probably come 2016. But it has so much potential of reaching mass production when Nokia comes back in 2016, which is just a few month ahead of us. We hope that as Nokia already targeted some budget flagships like Nokia E1, this Nokia N2 Price will also be very reasonable, compared to Nokia N2 Specs. What do you think about the Nokia N2 Smartphone?