Nokia Swan 2 vs. Turing Phone Cadenza: 1TB ROM, 12GB RAM…

A Nokia battle is for the fans! Today we are going to compare the Nokia Swan 2 vs. Turing Phone Cadenza giants with 1TB RAM and 12GB RAM. Let’s dig in now!

Nokia Swan 2 vs
Nokia Swan 2 vs. Turing Phone Cadenza: 1TB RAM, 12GB RAM and…

We need to admit that the duo Nokia Swan 2 and Turing Phone Cadenza are hard problems to any other flagships. And now they are going against each other, a stormy fight is about to come for sure. Specifically, Turing Phone Cadenza specs come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 SoC chipset. Meanwhile, Nokia Swan 2 specs have the latest version – Snapdragon 836 chipset. Also, the Nokia player runs on Android Oreo 8, but the Turing Phone handset gets a new operating system, which people say it is a tough opponent to iOS and Android. Obviously, the Swan 2 phone gets its initial win.
Next, it’s about the displays and storage. Notably, Nokia Swan 2 phone owns a 6.0-inch AMOLED display, with Full HD resolution. Likewise, Turing Phone Cadenza specs come with a 5.8-inch Super OLED touchscreen, with the Full HD resolution. Additionally, Nokia Swan 2 handset offers 10GB RAM, together with 256/512GB of the inbuilt storage (512GB extra). In the meantime, Turing Phone Cadenza flagship brings in 1TB, along with 12GB RAM. Sadly, we don’t know anything about the external memory of this Cadenza beast.

Nokia Swan 2 vs
Now, about the camera and battery, Nokia Swan 2 camera has a combo of 24MP main shooters and a Dual 20MP selfie snapper. About Turing Phone Cadenza camera, it sports a massive 60MP primary and a Dual 20MP 4K recording secondary. Besides, Nokia Swan 2 battery bears a Li-Ion non-removable 5,500mAh while Turing Phone Cadenza juice box is an 8000mAh. Well, the champion of the specs war is the Turing Phone Cadenza player, no other ways!

Nokia Swan 2 vs. Turing Phone Cadenza price battle

Separately, we guess Nokia Swan 2 price start at Rs. 96,457 ($1,500), and Turing Phone Cadenza price is about Rs. 128,545 (approximately $1,999). We guess the Nokia Swan 2 phone has more advantages regarding the cost. The winner? We’ll let you decide!