This is why the Nokia Swan is going to be the best: 6/8GB RAM, 256GB, 4500mAH

Today, we are going to make it clear why the Nokia Swan flagship is going to come out as the winner. Read the full article to know more about Nokia’s monster 6 and 8GB RAM phone. 

Nokia Swan

Nokia Swan features?

As the Nokia Edge, Nokia Swan smartphone is one of Nokia soldiers that are coming this year. Nokia and HMD are back in the game as they plan to help Nokia get back to the top. Nokia wants everyone to recognize its killer’s smartphones as the King of the Kings. It midrange Nokia phone already proves that they are going to be something good for fans in 2017. Let’s look at the Nokia 6 specs which come with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. The Nokia 6 price is only $290 as it also offers the latest Android Operating System.

Therefore, you must understand the Nokia Edge and the Nokia Swan are going to be the top priority. They are Nokia premium smartphones that are going to lead others Nokia phones. With Their quality specs and affordable price, we believe that all Nokia fans are going to back an buy one of these beats. Let us be specific about the Nokia Swan specs; the phone is going to have Qualcomm next software (SnD 836). Besides, it is going to have two models (6 and 8GB RAM) with 128GB ROM that is expandable up to 256GB.

Nokia Swan

The most amazing thing about this monstrous Nokia flagship is the photography. Nokia swan cameras might be the first to have a 42MP sensor on the rear. There is a high chance that its selfie sensor comes with a single 16 MP. It this Nokia phone comes this year with this kind of sensor, it might even pack 50MP or more for its upcoming flagship.  Right now, there are Dual 20+16MP cameras phones in stores, but the Swan is going to swipe all of them and take control of the game.

Nokia Swan Release Date?

Nokia is planning to unveil the phone by the end of July, and we hope it comes this year. The Nokia Swan price is going to start from Rs. 25,846 ~ $400. Are you going to buy this phone or not? Let us know.