Note 7 explosion proves Samsung customer service at its best

The scandal of Note 7 explosion has cost Samsung billions of USD and partially destroyed their reputation. However, when we consider the way they handled the situation, there’s one thing of Samsung that is worth our appreciation: their customer service!

note 7 explosion

Note 7 explosion: Samsung customer service is highly appreciated

Customer service is one of the most important factors that define the succeed of a company. Good customer service not only builds the reputation of the brand but also results in a great base of loyal customers. While Apple has done a very good job in this, Samsung, after the scandal of Note 7 explosion, has also proved how much they care for their customers. The way they handled the Note 7 “nightmare” is absolutely the best we could ask for.

First of all, it is a huge sacrifice that Samsung decided to end Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for good. It’s worth mentioning that Note 7 is NOT a common smartphone of this Korean company. It is supposed to be their leading flagship in the whole H2, 2016. However, after the Note 7 explosion accident, Samsung still decided to put an end to their own “child”, regardless of how much effort they have put to produce and promote this product!

note 7 explosion

Samsung even decided to offer a complete refund for those who return the Note 7 they bought, without any conditions attached. The first replacement program has cost Samsung one billion USD and the second one has “burned” another one or two billion of Samsung’s bank account. The entire process has made this Korean giant loose up to 40 billion USD of market share! This is a sacrifice that not every smartphone brand is willing to make.

Note 7 explosion: A lesson to learn!

In the end, Samsung did make a huge mistake in the production of Note 7. However, the way they take care of their customers after the scandal is really a big bonus. The brand also comes up with new plans. Two of them are Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy C9, which have been leaked recently. Let’s wait and see what Samsung will do to reenter the smartphone competition!