OnePlus Oxygen OS installed: Screenshots & Antutu Benchmark of over 46,000 points

The own OS of OnePlus was revealed for a long time. While you felt it’s a little bit long time, now you don’t have to wait anymore to update the new version on their phone. Finally, OnePlus has released their Oxygen OS with Android Lollipop for all OnePlus One devices. OnePlus previously introduced the Android L launch for March, but now you can go to install the new OS version. Now we will show you its Antutu Benchmarks (with Oxygen OS installed) and some first screenshots.


OnePlus launched their own OS recently. The new version, therein, come with a fully functionally and not a BETA. This is an initial version of their new OS and therefore, Oneplus pressed that they need the true feedback of the users as the most important part in order to make it better. They also create a feedback App so after installing the new version, you can directly give the feedback about their new OS.

As you know, after the serious suit between the company with Cyanogen Mod Inc, in which the OS maker decided to cooperate with MicroMax India instead of OnePlus with an exclusive contract. There are alot of conflicts, disagreements at the time had shaken the market for a time. While now the situation highly looks like to be better though, we have the strong feeling that many OnePlus lovers are pretty disappointed when Cyanogen Mod and OnePlus confirmed that they will not continue the Collaboration together.

From our first looks, it looks very barebone and flat, somehow similar to Cyanogen MOD and pretty close to the pure Android Stock Feeling. The previous nice relationship between OnePlus and Cyanogen is over, so now expect that Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS will be the future for OnePlus Devices like the upcoming OnePlus Two.

We have some few screenshots of Oxygen OS from our OnePlus One

If you are excited about trying out the new OS based on Android Lollipop 5.0, we can find something necessary and some useful instruction on