Prisma photo app is available on Android now

After Instagram and VSCO, Prisma photo app is becoming the new photo “phenomenon” among the netizens worldwide. Believe it or not, the app currently has over 1.55 million active users every day, despite being very newly launched to the market.

Prisma photo app

Prisma photo app: coolest trend has now arrived Android

Prisma photo app was initially available on iOS about a month ago. The app offers appealing filters that turn your photo into art works in just seconds. The app launched a beta version for Android around 5 days ago and officially open to download on Google Play starting today. This is such a fascinating piece of news for Android users all around the world. Seems like Prisma is doing a great job in catching up with the trend and take advantage of its current phenomenal effect.

Obviously, Prisma is not the first app ever to make your photos into painting-like pictures. However, the app offers premium effects with simple requirements that makes the final result much more realistic, artsy and closest to that of an authentic painting. There is a total of 36 different filters that represent 36 different styles of art. It takes a while to wait for Prisma photo app to load the chosen image, but it is really worth the wait when you see the final result.

Prisma Photo App

Prisma is easily shareable and connected to your other platforms of media channels. You can directly upload your photos to Facebook, Instagram, VSCO and so on. What’s more interesting? All 36 filters are available at installment and all free-of-charge! That explains why the app has been downloaded over 10.6 million of times on iOS alone. Now that it is available for Android users, let’s wait for the fun to begin!

Prisma photo app: never-ending updates promised

One thing we are really curious to know further down the way is that, Prisma photo app said they will delete the least favorite styles, then add more cooler ones. This will absolutely make many people sad if their most favorite is not that popular among others. However, this is also a very responsive way to receive customers’ feed backs.

Prisma Photo App

Prisma photo app: quick tutorial

It is super simple to use. However, don’t miss out that you can actually adjust the level of the filer by swiping left. The default level is 100%. The app will show their logo on the final picture. But you can totally change this by simply checking the “setting” button. You can also personalize whether you want the original to be saved or not. Download Prisma Android here .