Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime vs HTC 10 evo: 3GB RAM beasts

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime vs HTC 10 evo: the battle between two 3GB RAM smartphones from the giant Samsung and HTC. Which one will be the winner? Let’s have a look!

J7Prime Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime vs HTC 10 evo

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime vs HTC 10 evo: specs battle

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is considered to be the mid-range flagship of Samsung and HTC 10 evo is the new soldier in HTC army with incredible features. Before we start the battle, we’d like to remind you that Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime comes with 2 versions: 16GB ROM and 32GB ROM. For this battle, we will take the 32GB model. As for Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime specs, there is an Octa-core 1.6 GHz Exynos 7870 processor. On the other hand, HTC 10 evo comes with an octa-core 2.0Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. Clearly, HTC 10 evo possesses a more powerful processor which can perform smoothly even with multitasking.

For photography, the most expected feature, Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is packed with a 13MP with f/1.9 main camera and an 8MP selfie shooter which is able to give good photo quality in different conditions. Meanwhile, HTC 10 evo sports a 16MP main camera carrying ƒ/2.0 aperture, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), 4K video recording and an 8MP selfie snapper on the front. As we can see, both are equipped with good cameras although HTC 10 evo’s is slightly better.

10evo Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime vs HTC 10 evo

At first sight, they all attracts users attention by their “premium” outlook with the elegant metal finish. Both J7 Prime and HTC 10 evo come with a 5.5-inch screen size. While HTC 10 evo sports a 2K display with the resolution up to ~534ppi, J7 Prime only features a full HD display with ~401ppi resolution. Both are powered by 32GB of ROM which can be expanded up to 256GB by microSD. J7 Prime’s battery is a little bit bigger than HTC 10 evo’s (3300mAh compares to 3200mAh). As we can see so far, HTC 10 evo specs totally beats J7 Prime’s.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime vs HTC 10 evo: price battle

Let’s see if the price battle can reverse the situation. Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime price comes at about $250 while HTC 10 evo price is from $480 to $530. Consequently, Galaxy J7 Prime wins. Overall, the price of Galaxy J7 Prime is only half of HTC 10 evo but the performance of HTC 10 evo is considered to be much better. So if you are looking for a phone with good performance, you should consider spending more to get HTC 10 evo. Otherwise, Galaxy J7 Prime is a budget choice for you.