Samsung Galaxy On Nxt vs BlackBerry DTEK 50 : 3GB RAM Android phones

Samsung Galaxy On Nxt vs BlackBerry DTEk 50 – the battle between two 3GB RAM Android phones. Let’s go in detail to find the winner in this battle. 

Samsung Galaxy On Nxt vs BlackBerry DTeK 50

Samsung Galaxy On Nxt vs BlackBerry DTeK 50 : Specs fight

BlackBerry DTEK 50 was launched in August, with 3GB RAM under the hood. Also with 3GB RAM, Samsung Galaxy On Nxt is the new phone from Samsung, which was launched recently in this October. However, the Galaxy On Nxt phone is a bit outstanding than its rival with a larger internal storage of 32GB. On the BlackBerry phone, you’ll find a 16GB internal storage.

Let’s come to other specs of these two smartphones. Samsung Galaxy On Nxt sports a 5.5-inch screen while that is a 5.2-icnh one on the BlackBerry DTEK 50. Both comes with full HD resolution. Thus, despite a smaller screen, the BlacBerry phone will have a higher density resolution. Besides a bigger screen, Samsung Galaxy On Nxt also houses a larger battery, with 3300 mAh capacity. On the BlackBerry DTEK 50 phone, you’ll find a smaller 2610 mAh one. Additionally, Samsung brings many appealing features to Galaxy On Nxt such as 4G LTE, Bluetooth v4.1, and fingerprint scanner. On the other hand, BlackBerry DTEK is supported by one of the most security software from the Canada brand. Samsung Galaxy On Nxt vs BlackBerry DTEK 50

For photography, both phones sport 13MP cameras on the rear. They are supported by latest technologies such as autofocus and LED-flash. You’ll also find the same 8MP camera on these two devices.

Samsung Galaxy On Nxt vs BlackBerry DTEK 50 : Price comparison

Both smartphones are aiming to mid-range segment. Samsung Galaxy Nxt is now available to buy in India market, with a price of $275. Meanwhile, the BlackBerry DTEK 50 price is about $299. These price of two smartphones are not too different. So, in this battle, Samsung Galaxy On Nxt comes with a bigger screen, a bigger battery, and a slightly cheaper price ($275 vs $299). That means the Samsung phone is a clear winner.