Samsung Galaxy S7 explosion: a man got burned

It seems that the nightmare of explosion is not done yet for Samsung. A Galaxy S7 explosion has been spotted. Let’s read on and see what happened!

Galaxy S7 explosion

Samsung Galaxy S7 explosion:

We can say that 2016 is a hard time for Samsung. Since after explosions of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to be reported. It seems that the the fiasco is not done yet. Recently, another explosion has been. And it is not Note 7 but Galaxy S7. It is surprised because Galaxy S7 is one of the flagships that has been well-received by many users. Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with strong specs and stunning design. Therefore, Galaxy S7 explosion somehow has affected the image of the handset.

A man named Amarjit Mann has shared his Galaxy S7 explosion story. And the Winnipeg Sun and Gizmodo have reported the story, recently. He told that he felt his phone getting warm. Then, he took it out from his pocket and the phone exploded.  The explosion left his hands burned and a wound on his face because of the a spark from the phone. After that, he got treatment at hospital. And the doctor said it would take a while for his hands and the wound to recover. According to Mann, he has called Samsung. In addition, he has planned to sue the company.

Galaxy S7 explosion

However, this is not the first time the Galaxy S7 exploded. Phone Arena has received a story from a person who wanted not to reveal the name. His/her Galaxy S7 has been sent back to Samsung for checking after it exploded. And his/her phone also got warm before the explosion happened.

How the future of Galaxy S7 will be?

Because of the Note 7 incidents, users seems to get more awareness of Samsung products. It is easy to understand why people have been so. Until now, there aren’t any official alert about the unsafety of Galaxy S7. And the company also stated that Galaxy S7 has get well-checked safety. And it cannot deny that Galaxy S7 of Samsung is one of the best sellers in the market at the present