Samsung Galaxy S8 Iron Man Edition: SND 835, 4GB RAM

Finally, there is a new version Samsung Galaxy S8 Iron Man Edition. It has almost the same specification as the original model, but they have a different design. The new Galaxy S8 comes with 4GB RAM too and SND 835.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Iron Man

Samsung Galaxy S8 Iron Man: 4GB RAM

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 design is so beautiful that it can attract more new customers. The customized version of Iron Man is launching as soon as next month. We are going to tell you how much this new Samsung Galaxy S8 beast cost. What we love about the new Galaxy S8 is that it has a different design and nicer than the Pirates of the Caribbean version. In fact, Samsung is looking forward to announcing a special version of its flagship. It is way it using to make the users happy by using something exclusive.

For the new Samsung Galaxy S8 specs, the phone comes with the same size of 5.8-inch. Also, it has a Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Iron Man version is so performant as it comes with 4GB RAM. Also, there is a new internal storage model of 128GB ROM that is expandable up to 256GB. Besides that, it has a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 to protect it against severe damage. The Galaxy S8 phone also comes with IP68 as it is waterproof and dust resistant.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Iron Man

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship runs Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835. More than that, Samsung Galaxy S8 cameras provide 12 MP phase detection autofocus and 9MP image recorder. Also, it comes with a first selfie shooter of 8MP. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 Iron Man Edition runs on Android 7.1.1 with a 3000mAh battery pack.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date

In conclusion, the new Galaxy S8 Iron Man model is launching next month. Samsung Galaxy S8 price is a bit lower than the Iron Man edition. The original one cost $ 650 ~ Rs 41,692 while the new model cost $ 710 ~ Rs 45,514.