Samsung Galaxy X Premium: 8GB RAM, 256GB ROM, 20MP+16MP cam

The Samsung Galaxy X Premium is the first smartphone of the X lineup from Samsung. It is not only a new smartphone, and it comes with excellent specifications like 8GB RAM.

 New Samsung Galaxy X PremiumSamsung Galaxy X Premium: 8GB RAM

Let’s tell you how this idea came to telling you more about the Samsung Galaxy X Premium specs. It first started with the announcement of the new Apple iPhone X flagship. Since the announcement of this phone, Samsung has managed to come with a great competitor to the iPhone X. Once again, Samsung wants to make the difference and show that it is the best smartphone maker. That is why we are writing today about the first Samsung phone with 8GB RAM. Now, we would like to introduce the Samsung Galaxy X Premium flagship features.

First of all, the Samsung Galaxy X Premium screen is much bigger than the LG V30. It comes with 6.2-inch Super AMOLED with a (4K) resolution of 2780 x 3890 pixels. Besides that, Samsung Galaxy X Premium phone runs on Qualcomm SnD 836 SoC with a big processor (8GB RAM). Well, with these specs, we can see that the battle between Apple and Samsung is just getting started. Moreover, Samsung Galaxy X Premium storage has 128 and 256GB ROM (Expandable up to 256GB ROM).

New Samsung Galaxy X Premium

The most impressive feature about the X Premium is the photography. Samsung Galaxy X Premium cameras do not offer one lens, but two for the best photos ever. It has dual 20+ 16MP like the Huawei Mate 9 Pro. The X Premium also offers a single 20MP on the front for your fantastic selfie. For the first time again, Samsung Galaxy X Premium battery provides 4800mAh stronger than the Galaxy S8 Plus battery.

Samsung Galaxy X Premium Release Date

For now, this monstrous Samsung flagship is coming in February 2018. For the cost, Samsung Galaxy X Premium price is not official yet; we are expecting it to be Rs 70,729 ~ $ 1100 as the Galaxy Note 8 cost $1000.