Sony Vaio reborn with Windows 10 smartphone for 2016

Ever since Windows 10 is official, Microsoft wants their new OS to be successful everywhere in the world, including Japan. Just yesterday, the company has announced a number of Japanese smartphone makers who will launch devices with Windows Mobile. And in the list, we have, surprisingly, VAIO, the former Sony subsidiary which have been absent from the market for a long while now.


In the big event of Microsoft Japan, VAIO announced that they would finalized their Windows 10 smartphone and officially release at some point in 2016.

Unlike other recent flagships, who spread leaks and rumors long before being introduced to public, VAIO is keeping their Windows 10 smartphone a well-covered secret. This means up to now, we don’t know much about the VAIO Windows 10 smartphone specs, as well as design and pricing.

VAIO Windows 10 smartphone: what we know for now

However, one thing we got confirmed by VAIO is that, there upcoming smartphone, no matter what name it bears, will run on Windows 10 OS.

During Microsoft Japan’s press event, VAIO said it would officlly reveal its Windows 10 Mobile phone sometime in 2016. Specific details about the phone are scarce, but it will reportedly support Microsoft Continuum feature that will allow the phone to be used like a Windows 10 PC.

The other companies with Windows 10 Mobile plans include Freetel, Thirdwave and NuAns.

In our time when the smartphone market is so competitive, a newly launched smartphone as to overcome so many obstacles in order to mark their names. I wonder why VAIO picks Windows 10 instead of popular Android everyone is using now?

Also, I do hope the VAIO smartphone specs will be good for our choice. Which mean I am expecting an at least 4GB RAM and a decent Sony-quality camera.

However, hoping and guessing won’t help decide anything. Let’s wait for 2016 to come, and we will know whether Sony VAIO plays it right this time, in launching their new smartphone.