Sony Xperia M Ultra leaked: 4,300 mAH battery and up to 16MP selfie camera

A new Sony smartphone is said to be on the way. It will be called Xperia M Ultra. Check out what it can offer us!

Sony Xperia m ultra

Sony Xperia M Ultra with more than 4000mah batt and 23MP/16MP camera set is on the way?

Good news for those who like, love of have interest in Sony smartphones: A new model is coming. Lately, there has been a source mentioning that Sony will debut a new handset named Sony Xperia M Ultra. Well, if it is a member of Sony Xperia M series, we guess the device’s design will be similar to Xperia M5 released in August 2015. However, until now, no word has been made for that. Then, let’s wait and see!

On the other hand, some of Sony Xperia M Ultra specs have been revealed. They are said to be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor and a big 6.0-inch Full HD display. Actually, this screen reminds us of Xperia C5 Ultra also announced last year. In addition, a USB Type-C port, a fingerprint sensor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory (not know if it is expandable or not), and a large 4,280mAh battery are claimed to be on board as well to power the whole machine. We like the idea of a big cell!

Sony Xperia m ultra

As for photography, the camera combo will consist of a 23MP primary and an up to 16MP selfie shooter. Wow, it must be a cam-centric smartphone for 2016. Can’t wait to see the M Ultra in person. More interestingly, apart from the M guy, the Japanese giant has also been rumored to introduce Sony Xperia C6 Ultra. Yet, no relevant info was spotted.

Sony Xperia M Ultra price and availability

Last but not least, you may wonder what Sony Xperia M Ultra launch date is and how much it costs. Unfortunately, those details are still unknown for now. Hopefully we’ll get them in the next days along with some pictures to illustrate the exact Sony Xperia M Ultra.