Special deal from Gearbest: Xiaomi Yi Action Camera for just $95.99

Xiaomi is an OEM in China and the company has just started entering the smartphone industrial maket over five years ago. Xiaomi has big ambition to dominate the industry within a decade, beats out giant Samsung as well as Apple. By manufacturing a couple of new products in earlier January, the company has created its own way to lead the industry. Now, Gearbest conducts this special promotion for all of their customers.

For a long time, the sport/action camera industry is seemingly dominated by GoPro, the Sony has also entered the war with its Action Camera which is known as its direct competitor though. Now, the ambitious Chinese company Xiaomi decides not to stay out of the race anymore, therefore, they are beginning to make action camera as its their first step of the strategy. Therefore, apart from two high-end Xiaomi Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, Xiaomi did introduce a new device, namely Xiaomi Yi Action Camera.


The Yi Action Camera, the first Xiaomi’s camera, can record 1080p videos with a 16Mp Camera with Sony’s high quality Exmor R BSI CMOS image sensor. Honestly, the device is even much better than the Go Pro Camera which reports only 5MP Camera as well as 30fp in Full HD or 60fp in HD.

The Yi Action Camera is able to beat other action cameras as well in the internal memory department. The Yi Action Camera comes with 64GB (double of the Go Pro) and just weights 72g, compared to the 111gramm of the Go Pro. As well it has a larger battery. With the Yi Action Camera you can go underwater up to 40 meters, which might be one of the most important features for many of you, bringing it to your holidays.


The Design of Yi Action Camera is worth counting as well. Beside its vivid colors, the Yi Action Camera is also well built, weighs only 72g. The producer has brought comforts and convenience for the consumers as the power button is designed to be on the front, which also acts as a camera or video recorder switcher. Other function-buttons are placed wisely to help users get the best experience with the device.

The Yi Action Camera does stick to everything, literally, even to a cat. You can use it with your motorbike, snowboard, surfboard… and enjoy the coolest moment of your trip.


This camera can be controlled via a Xiaomi’s Android app, similar to the Air Purifier and other Xiaomi products.

There are 2 editions for you to choose: Travel Edition and Basic Edition. Beside the camera, Travel Edition will come with a Selfie Stick, which is very popular in Asia these days.


Now buy this wonderful camera Xiaomi Yi action Camera for just $95.99 at GearBest.  Please use our Special Coupon Code to get to this price. Coupon code: XMXYCAM