TIME’s 10 gadgets of 2017: iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 are on the list!

In 2017, we have witnessed several significant changes in technology, precisely gadgets, and gizmos. Recently, TIME magazine has listed top 10 coolest Gadgets of 2017. Moreover, there are two contributors coming from phone industry. Check it out who they are in our article!

iPhone X

iPhone X places 2nd, Samsung Galaxy S8 places 5th

The 2nd position of the coolest gadgets list belongs to the new flagship of Apple: Apple iPhone X. This is a high-range beast with an edge-to-edge screen and facial recognition system. These specs set a new standard for smartphone industry: bezel screen and facial security system. Moreover, third-party apps such as Snapchat and Warby Parker take advantage of the face-mapping technology of Apple iPhone X. Additionally, combined with a sharp camera, long battery life, and large screen make Apple’s iPhone X one of the top pick.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is another monster coming 5th on TIME’s list. This flagship is not the first phone with a nearly bezel-less screen, but the most attractive phones of this year. Besides that, Samsung also included impressive OLED display in this beast and made effort to simplify the phone’s software. Furthermore, this Samsung handset is also famous for the great top-class cameras. Notedly, Samsung Galaxy S8 has also been crown as “the best smartphone of 2017” at the yearly Pocket-lint award this year.

Apple also contributes in the list with its latest smartwatch Apple Watch 3. This is the second time Apple watch coming on this list. Last year, Apple Watch Series 2 was positioned 7th. Other gadgets in this list include laptop, camera, speaker and mostly game machine. Game machine is becoming a trend now because last year only one game machine appeared on the top 10 coolest gadgets.

Would we see more smartphones on TIME’s list next year?

We are very likely to see more handsets in this gadgets list since the phone industry is making significant advancement now. Firms continuously launch devices with outstanding features such as battery, display, camera..What do you think? Share with us your ideas and stay tuned for more updated information.