[Tips] Android handset: How to find a lost phone?

If you think your Android handset is lost and want to find it, this article is perfect. Today, we offer you an easy step for you to find your lost Android handsets. Let’s see…

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Android handset: How to find a lost phone?

For looking for a lost Android handset, you can use the “Find My Device” app. Speaking of Find My Device app, its previous name is Android Device Manager. In particular, this app is going to support you for finding mobiles and tablets which are lost or taken away. For using the Find My Device app, you need to log in your Google account first. After that, set your Android handset online and turn on the Location mode.

Otherwise, there are some security systems which don’t allow this app. For making sure that the app is working, you can open the Settings, then find Google feature and the Security. In the Android Device Manager, you should set the Locator item automatically. Specifically, to delete data from a far distance, you can press the “Allow remote lock and erase” mode. Besides, if you use an old Android mobile, you can download the app by the name Android Device Manager. Similarly, you can go to the Settings, then press “Allow remote factory reset” and finish with tapping Activate.

Android handset

When you use the Find My Device app, it brings you four choices of protecting your phone. The first one is Location. The Location Choice provides the information of your Android handset when it is online. You can zoom out and find your device with a map. Second is the Play Sound. Even though your phone is in Silent mode, the Play Sound will bring your device out loud in 5 minutes. Thirdly,  the Lock. When you are using the Lock option, it immediately locks your phone. Last option is Erase Device. This mode deletes all your settings on the mobiles.

Finding a lost Android handset with Find My Device app…

If you think your phone is stolen and want to find it, the Find My Device app is very helpful. With the four modes that this app provides, you can quickly look for your lost Android handset. However, if you cannot find you phone while using the app, call the police and ask them to find for you.