Top new best apps for your phone in the early of October 2016

New best apps from Apple App Store and Google Play Store have been introduced in the first half of October 2016. The apps for iOS are not always free, as usual, but those of Android are different. Let’s check the top new best apps for your phone.

new best apps google play app store

1. Cover Photo Maker for Facebook

This application helps you to create stunning and unique cover images for your Facebook profile page. A self-custom cover photo will take your Facebook to the next level. An amazing cover photo is a must-have application for a creative Facebook users. Use Cover Photo Maker to create an extraordinary cover photos and decorate the header space above your profile picture.

Let’s make your Facebook outstanding with gorgeous features including Real-time image processing, Glass Distortion, Light Leaks, 50 Filters, Text Tool and Border Tool. Download Cover Photo Maker for Facebook for iOS for $ 0.99 here | Support iOS 10 or later | Size: 53.5MB

new best apps Cover Photo Maker for Facebook

2. Fitness by T – New best apps for workouters

This application provides full exercise lessons, fitness and diet to help you achieve a dream body as soon as possible. The full content will be uploaded regularly  including full-workouts, nutrition tips and tricks. Moreover, there are motivational videos for you and this app is totally FREE. The only thing users want is a separate page to supplement their videos. A separate area for just a list or guideline for a workout each day would make this app awesome. 

Download Fitness by T for iOS for FREE here | Support iOS 8 or later | Size: 36.2MB


new best apps fitness by T

3. Whether

Whether is one of the modern, sleek, minimal weather new best apps . It gives you only what you need to know — a look at the current weather and changes over the next few hours. In the newest update, the hourly forecast now starts in the future, because you already knew the current weather.

Download Whether  for iOS for $ 0.99 here | Support iOS 9.0 or later | Size: 4.3MB

new best apps whether app

4. Climendo Basic

This is another weather forecast application. However, this app is available to Android only. Climendo has tracked forecasters’ accuracy around the world for years, and can guide both users and companies in the right direction. This app forecasts based on temperature, wind, long- and short term forecasts, and location. Climendo only features the most accurate weather providers and most importantly, there are no ads on it.

Download Climendo Basic Android for FREE here | Support Android according to capacity and equipment

new best apps climendo basic 5. Dingless

Dingless helps smartphone users customize sounds and notifications on their Android device. For example, you can eliminate notification sound alerts while using your smartphone or control how often you need to be notified when smartphone is being charged or nearby. Dingless is a simple application that runs in the background and offers you the solution to these problems. With Dingless there is no need to silence your phone anymore, or totally switch off sound notifications in order to avoid annoying alerts.

Download Dingless for Android for FREE here | Support Android 4.3 or later | Size: 1.3MB

new best apps dingless

6. GIPHY CAM. The GIF Camera

This app helps you create animations (.GIF) quickly and you can add impressive color filters by the adequate photo editing tool. There are new filters every week! With this app, you can add filters & special Fx, record your own gif, text, share, or save. This is the GIF camera for all your GIF-making needs.

Download GIPHY CAM. The GIF Camera  for Android for FREE here | Support Android 5.0or later | Size: 74MB

new best apps giphy cam

So those are 6 new best apps for iOS and Android phone for the first half of October 2016. Share if you like this list and make more of it!