Top Nokia camera smartphones 2016: premium Pureview sensors

Earlier, in a previous article, we discussed how powerful Nokia Pureview camera actually is. Coming up next, here we have a list of the best Nokia camera smartphones, all equipped with the famous sensor.

 Nokia camera smartphones

1. Nokia 1001 Pureview: 41MP Pureview

Nokia 1001 Pureview, despite being one of the newbies, is definitely among the most favorite. This is a non-Android Nokia smartphone with Windows 8 OS. Nokia 1001 Pureview is special for its small body of 4.3 inch display, yet still able to bear a huge camera of up to 41MP Pureview sensor on the back. There is no official information about the RAM, but Nokia 1001 Pureview will be powered by dual core clocked at 1.6GHz and 16/32GB ROM variants, both expandable to 64GB by microSD card slot.

In terms of design, many say that Nokia 1001 Pureview looks similar to an improved version of Nokia N900. This is because of the curved edges on the rears and elegant button along the left sides of the machine. Nokia 1001 Pureview is a fascinating render design made by Mkrtchyan Edgar, offering both a stunning appearance and a decent combination of specs.

Nokia 1001 Pureview


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