Turing Phone Cadenza: SND 830, 12 GB RAM, 60MP Camera!?

It seems that 2017 promises more interesting news and launches. Among those, Turing Robotic brand intends to bring users a special new smartphone: Turing Phone Cadenza. The phone is rumored to have 12GB RAM, 60MP camera, and…


Turing Phone Cadenza: SND 830, 12 GB RAM, 60MP Camera!?

Turing Phone Cadenza features components that has never appeared in the smartphone market. From the leaked information from Turing company, this phone will be powered by two SnapDragon 830 chipsets. Each of them includes 8-cores, that mean the phone will have 16-cores CPU under the hood! Additionally, there is also a 12GB RAM accompanied with an enormous 1TB onboard storage.

Not stopping there, it seems that all remaining Turing Phone Cadenza specs are huge. It was leaked with a 60MP main camera with Triplet Lens and f/1.2 aperture. On the front, there is a dual 20MP front shooter for taking selfies. The phone has three batteries: The first one with 1600mAh Li-ion cell, the second one with 2400mAh cell, and the last one with Hydrogen fuel cell. In total, Turing Phone Cadenza has 100 wh battery!


Besides unbelievable specs, Turing Phone Cadenza also has a gorgeous design, with a Graphene Oxide Composite frame and a Liquid metal structure. On the front side of the phone, there is a 5.8-inch display with quadHD resolution.

Turing Phone Cadenza: When does it come to the market?

Turing Phone Cadenza was confirmed by CEO Steve Chao. Meanwhile, Qualcomm will launch a Snapdragon 830 processor soon. So, there could be a base for the Turing Phone Cadenza rumor in 2017. If this project becomes true, Turing Phone Cadenza could be the the most powerful smartphone in the world. However, we must wait for official words from the company. Do you think this phone will come true? Hit comments and follow our page for more interesting articles!