What would Nokia 3310 and Ericsson T28s feature if they were smartphones?

Have you ever wondered what famous phones of the past would look like if they had had the technology we are having today? What would signature devices like Nokia 3310 and Ericsson T28s had not been just basic phones, but smartphones instead? We never know until we actually see them, don’t you agree with me?

Nokia 3310 and Ericsson T28S smartphones
Sneak peek before you see the whole gallery

What if the past wasn’t the past?

3D designer Martin Hajek has created a collection of those Nokia 3310 and Ericsson T28s “smartphone” renders. This is such an interesting idea that brings us both excitement and nostalgia at the same time.
In his work of art, Martin Hajek did not leave out the realistic elements of today’s actual market. In the render, Nokia 3310 smartphone runs Windows OS. Meanwhile, Ericsson T28s is powered by popular Android. If you have been here with us for a while, earlier on PricePony, I wrote a post about the Nokia 3310 Pureview concept, which is also a smartphone and sported a whooping 41MP camera. Seems like Nokia phones have been such a good topics for designers to express their creativity.
Martin Hajek came up with both black-and-white and color version for the 3310. Let’s browse the gallery, admire the finest in Hajek’s work, enjoy any excitement it brings and embrace your nostalgia. If it happens to make you miss the good old days, it is the indicator to show that you had such beautiful years in the past, when a call-and-text device was already a heaven!

Also, as usual, don’t forget to share with us your feelings and memories 🙂 Enjoy the gallery of Nokia 3310 and Ericsson T28s “smartphones” below!