Nokia’s Withings removed from Apple stores…

You won’t believe that Apple has removed all Nokia’s Withings from its stores. Last week we told you that Nokia filed some patents suits against Apple, the suits were all about 32 patents of devices which were said to belong to Nokia.



Apple pulled all Nokia’s Withings Products from stores!

Let us be honest, things are getting really ugly between the two companies. Apple answer to Nokia was very quick and ugly as well, “Apple has pulled all products on sale by French company Withings, which is now a owned subsidiary of Nokia, following the recent patent suit by Nokia”. In less than a week, Nokia has sued Apple for patent infringement in courts around the world, saying that Apple has refused to license its patents. Apple, for its part, sued several patent owners it said were conspiring with Nokia and accused the Finnish tech giant of “extortion”.

Apple has stopped offering all Withings products because Withings is owned by Nokia following a spring 2016 purchase worth an estimated $192 million. The Withings brand has been integrated into Nokia’s Digital Health unit and is led by Cedric Hutchings, formerly the CEO of Withings. The suits Nokia filled was mostly for 32 patients, “plus the display, user interface, software and video coding technology”, that Apple used for it devices without giving a single dime to Nokia.


Things have finally turned around as it was not expected. We believe that Nokia raised this case not because they wanted money from Apple, but because Apple accused 3 of Nokia’s operator for taking fund from them in order to finance Nokia. You can see in the pictures below and above that Apple decided to remove all Nokia’s belongings from its online store. Apple has removed all products including the “Body Cardio Scale’ and ‘Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, from all retail and Online Apple Stores globally.

Nokia’s Withings removed from Apple stores!

Things might be getting ugly between Nokia and Apple for the recent suits they filed against each other, do you think that they need to sit and discuss, then solve this problem? we want to hear from you.