137K PHP for Mediatek, 3.5″ phone?

We don’t be strange with some luxury phones, with an amazingly high price, without offering a proportionally powerful hardware. 


Hanmac has just decided to launch their luxury device in China.  It offers two base models – the feature phone “Range” and the smartphone “Defency” (which has now been upgraded to the “New Defency”). Its phone has a truly unique, steampunk-ish design. They said that all of their features made by artisans employed by the company. Its phone is covered by lots of metal and gear-shaped elements.


So, we want to show you some specific specs of New Defency which is priced at $3,100 (or about PHP 137K). And you know what? Not talk about Snapdragon 810 or even Snapdragon 805, the New Defency is powered by MediaTek’s 6589 processor, clocked at 1.2GHz. And for the storage, 2GB of RAM64GB of onboard storage. Besides that, its phone is only 3-megapxiel front and 13-megapixel rear camera. In additionally, 1,440mAh battery for 3.5″ along with 480 x 800 resolution, runs on Android 4.2.






What do you think about this phone? Do you spend 137K Philippines pesos for it?